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Tired of suction cups falling off your window?  Tired of tape on your dash?
Well I have the answer. The High Pole Mirror is a true view mirror that lays
on your dash and against the bottom of  your windshield. It is on a non-slip
pad so it wont slide across your dash, it will stay in the spot you place it,  It
is fully adjustable with a clear view of the top of your high pole. People that
have purchased my mirror are very pleased.  So if you want to feel
confident that your mirror is there when you need it and
 has a true clear
view then this is for you.  For only
$40.00 Free Shipping.  Now Available in
Black or White. If you like a different color please E-mail or call us and we
will see if we can get the color you want,

E-mail at:  
eac_enterprises@yahoo.com     Call:  877-354-3135
High Pole Mirror
Storage View
Open View
In Use View
Out Side View
In Use View